Self Sacrifice: A Cardinal Sin

Giving is easy. Sure it feels good, and maybe it is good. However, we seem justify just about any type of behavior if it’s in the benefit of others. People will do crazy things to be selfless. They’ll quit their jobs, let their health suffer, change their plans, and even dim their dreams for the benefit of other people. And, it’s all a cop out.

"I want (your best) YOU!"

My question is: What will you do for yourself? Would you make the same sacrifices for yourself as you would others?

Self respect is hard. Self actualization is hard. It’s also life’s pinnacle. What would life look like if we all were selfish, not in a way that is detrimental to others, but selfish in a way that maximizes you?

When is it your time? Be careful not to justify mediocrity in your life with service to others.  It will make you a better spouse, friend, sibling, and child to realize a happiness in yourself that you can share with others genuinely. This holiday season, give gifts because you want to. Give love because it fuels your spirit. Let your light shine, and in turn so will those around you!

If you want a challenge, I challenge you to find the mountainous goals in your life that need climbing, and climb them. Don’t even think about stopping until you reach the summit. We will be watching, and climbing our own mountains. This kindles the human spirit, and believe me the view is much better from the top!


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

2 Rounds for reps, with a partner:

200M KB Farmers Carry (Pacesetter)

Max Pushups


-Rest 2 min-

400M Run (Pacesetter)



Rest 2 min

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