Redemption Day

*NO CLASS–Thanksgiving Holiday*

Just because we won’t be hosting classes at Ocean and Marguerita until Monday doesn’t mean your fitness needs to suffer. Each regularly scheduled class day that we are closed for the holiday, will have both a blog post and a workout of the day. These workouts are designed to be done on your own or with a friend. All you will need is yourself and a stopwatch.

Welch getting his burpee on.

Regardless of what happened or didn’t happen at the dinner table yesterday. Today is a new day. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, and I hope you did!

If you think today is best served doing some active recovery (yoga, walking, a light jog, etc) that is perfectly fine. If you’ve already got the itch to train again, give this one a whirl!

Post time to comments. Enjoy!

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

50 rounds of:

1 squat

1 pushup

1 situp

1 superman

1 tuck jump

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