The Morning After

Thank you all for showing up in droves last night for our social event at historic Chez Jay bar and restaurant– It was a raging success! The number of people from our community that made it out exceeded any expectations I could have had for the night. Regardless of the size of the party, though, I think we captured the exact experience I had hoped for.

You’re part of a team. We all felt it. “The rowdy group in the back of the room? Yeah, that’s us.” There is value in feeling surrounded by support. The mere fact that there is an “us” is powerful. Last night had nothing to do with lifting weights or sit ups, either. We are a family of support. We simply nudge each other along to greatness, and we happen to exercise together.

Prepping to go overhead.

Happiness is contagious. We are in the business of fun and our community is about relationships. Last night, 30 strangers locked arms at a bar on a quest to have more fun than anyone else there. I don’t know about you, but I was happy being in the presence of each of you. No wonder working out with you all isn’t half bad!

FFOTB is remarkable. You don’t need a entire park full of training programs to make FFOTB stand out among the rest. If you looked around the room last night, you’d notice we were different yet again. You, the student body, are an amazing group of people. Get a few of us together, and look out! At one point a bystander last night asked, “What’s the occasion?” One of our students replied, “Nothing. We just workout together.”


I don’t care what a gym is supposed to be. I have no interest in being what a gym is suppsoed to be. Why? Because most gyms aren’t fun, and they find a way to be uninspiring. We aren’t a lot of things on purpose. I’d say when people  are thinking our time together looks like a birthday party, then we’re doing something right.


Logan Gelbrich



Thursday’s Workout:

“Death Of Cards”
Hearts = Mountain Climbers (2-count)
Diamonds = Windshield wipers
Spades = Burpees
Clubs = KB Push jerk

*Jokers are trainers pick

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