Being a Student of the Game

Don’t. Stop. Learning…


Just like any other athlete, goal setting is important. A while back I set a goal to have a 300lb Clean & Jerk by the end of September. I’m close, but Olympic Weightlifting, like life, doesn’t offer points for “almost.”

Danny being a "Teacher of the Game."

Naturally, in the days and weeks following I drilled skill work, reviewed my lift, and searched for ways to get that magic number. Luckily for me, I was extremely open to learning. So much so, that I found it in a place you would least expect it.

Now, if you’ve spent any time with me, you’ll know I have quite a romance with coffee. If you live on the Westside and you share the love that I have, you may want to drop into Amelia’s in Santa Monica. This Main Street coffee shop is host to some wonderful coffee and exceptional food. The family run business attracts loyal fans like me like moths to a flame.

If you’ve ever been there, you’ve probably noticed to big poster on the wall of fifteen year old, Lucca Perretti. He doesn’t yet have his autograph mastered, but he is the 2011 United States’ School Age National Champion Weightlifter. The kid can’t drive yet, but he can clean and jerk better than anyone else his age from sea to shining sea.

He looks like any other normal, skinny skater kid from Venice, yet his is master in his domain. He may even be on an Olympic podium one day.

So, this is me swallowing my pride and being a “student of the game.” I’ll soon be seeking insight from a 15 year old to accomplish my lofty goals for myself.

Lessons are lurking all around us. You may be surprised with what you’ll find if you, too, are a student of the game.


Logan Gelbrich



Friday’s Workout:

4 rounds for reps of:
1 min. Med Ball Cleans
-Rest 1 minute-
1 min. Med Ball Slams
-Rest 1 minute-
1 min. Jump Squats
-Rest 1 minute-
1 min. Max Sit ups
-Rest 1 min-

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