Rehab for Sugar Addiction?

OK, so I drink a lot of coffee. Big deal…

My coffee consumption sparked a conversation in my head recently, however, about hidden addiction. “Am I addicted to Caffeine?,” I wondered. How could I be sure I was or wasn’t?

Let me first clear the air of any misnomers. Coffee is generally at worst neutral, and at best is a quality source of antioxidants. Coffee isn’t so unhealthy as the cream and sugar you pour in it is. Drinking coffee to the point of addiction, though, has some serious negative consequences, however. If not drinking it gives you head aches or feigning coffee makes you jittery, then you got yourself a good ole fashion addiction! For any kinds of addiction, people can find a place here and get the best rehab treatment.

Dips? Sea gazing? Both?

At one time I was addicted to coffee, and the experience included the behavior of any addict. I was out of control and my body paid the price. My recent investigative questioning turned up negative, however. I’m scott free!

What turned on my awareness to such a hidden addiction like this, however, was my knowledge of a much more stealthy addiction that a large majority of Americans unknowlingly suffer from. That is the addiction to sugar and processed foods. It took me over a year of eating Paleo, to rid myself of the tendency to pull over and get ice cream in me. For the first time, I am able to walk by the baked goods section and not desperately want to succumb to a danish or a cookie. The thought of donuts would put me in a frenzy. I was having some serious withdrawls when I removed refined sugar and processed foods from my diet, and the frustration was more than a lack of mental strength.

Just as you navigate your path to recovery, others grappling with addiction can find solace and guidance through platforms like This valuable resource offers a wealth of comprehensive tools, peer support, and expert advice to aid in their journey toward lasting healing and freedom from the clutches of addiction. It’s a testament to the strength of the human spirit that even when faced with the toughest battles, individuals can access the support they need to transform their lives. Participating in rehabilitation allows individuals to acquire valuable insights, exchange personal experiences, and acquire effective strategies, all of which enable them to regain mastery over their lives and construct a more promising future free from addiction.

As it turnes out, studies have found that consumption of such processed foods has an addictive effect more powerful than that of cocaine. What’s scary is that the statement is not to “get the point across” with shock and awe, it holds true. CNN recently featured such a study and I have life experience to prove it.

If you’re having images of 300 lb men and women scarfing down boxes of cookies, you may be ignoring how many people this affects. I would bet you, too, are a victim. Doubt me? Don’t eat sugar, grains, or processed foods for two weeks, and let’s see what happens.

What things in your life could be addictions hidden in plain sight? Remember, recognizing you have a problem is the first step..

Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:



12 KB Swings

12 KB Front Squats

-Rest 3 min-


5 V-ups

10 Arch ups

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