Don’t use the “B” Word!

We are not a Bootcamp. We don’t use that word, and we can’t wait to explain to interested students what we are about when they ask, “So, is it like a bootcamp?” Before I get to how we differ and why we avoid the term, let me explain that I don’t want to discredit those that train at bootcamps and those that run them. Some are great places to get a workout in, and most bootcamp coaches are probably wonderful folks.

Where we differ is in our very essence. By nature, a bootcamp is temporary. You pay your couple hundred bucks and in exchange you endure some abdominal crushing training sessions. Our program, however, is run more like a school. We have specific context that relates to you and your fitness. We are all on a journey to improved health and fitness, and if we are to tackle that journey responsibly, we must first recognize that a 5-day assault on your glutes won’t do the trick.

Class in session -- University of Functional Fitness

The bootcamp concept is best manifested in the terrible success of “diets.” Whether you are embarking on a portion cutting diet or a all natural cleanse, you may be setting yourself up for failure. We need to be able to repeat behaviors to ever achieve any lasting results, and to commit to a training regime or nutritional plan that you cannot maintain is largely a waste of time.

Most of us at some point have tried a fad diet, or new workout kick. Most of us have seen results. Then some point down the road life happens, and our hard earned change washes away and we are back at square one.

At FFOTB, you are joining a community of people that are learning skills and growing their fitness in a measurable, results based journey that takes more scope than a weekend of screaming “drill sergeants.” Think of your fitness as a Ph.D. Now, would you choose the weekend seminar or the 5 year university plan to get your diploma?

Spending a few hundred dollars twice a year to get more sore than you could ever imagine means nothing to your health and fitness in the long run. Committing to a lifestyle change of skill based learning and measurable improvements in your performance, however, is a fitness decision you can write home about!

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

3 Min KB Front Squats
3 Min Tuck Jumps
2 Min KB Front Squats
2 Min Tuck Jumps
1 Min KB Front Squats
1 Min Tuck Jumps
**Score is total reps

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