Doing the Impossible

Sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it. As far as oxymorons go, there isn’t a much better example. Nonetheless, “doing the impossible” is exactly what our very own Nikki Pounds did Monday.

This Fourth of July, was the 34th Annual Palisades – Will Rodgers 5K Run. Men and women showed up in droves to accomplish the feat and Nikki ran it. The whole thing. The whole time.

FFOTB's Finest post-race smiles.

Her training took place outside, under the sun with a bunch of people that are apart of a community. She trained smart, she trained hard, and she trained with coaches and students that all want the very best for each other. What better place to walk in as one person, and leave a completely transformed person each day?

With the holiday 5K under her belt or not, Nikki has been nothing short of a role model in her time at FFOTB. I know I am not alone when I say that I am motivated by her ability to show up. She finds a way to commit herself to her best regardless if making out of bed that day was easy or not.

She will not quit– ever. And, that, ladies and gentlemen is the stuff that true champions are made of. If you could bottle it, it would be worth more than the price of gold.

I can’t find words enough to describe my respect for Nikki and what’s inside of her. I want to mimic her. I look up to her. Yes… the coach… is looking up to the student.

What was impossible just a few months earlier, is now just a shattered past. Nikki is moving right along her path to elite fitness at a remarkable rate. The take-away here is that a commitment is the only thing that stands in the way of you and your goals– even the impossible ones!

Congratulations, Nikki! I’m proud to coach you, train with you, and watch you improve.

Logan Gelbrich

Saturday’s Workout:

7 Rounds for time of:
10 Push ups
20 Yard Bear Crawl
10 Sitting KB Shoulder Press
20 Yard Crab Walk

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  • Nikki-

    I am so impressed with your effort this past weekend. I am so inspired by your commitment to your fitness, and try to put in as much effort as you every workout I take on. You should be soooooooo Proud of your effort and your accomplishments. I am soooooooo Proud of you. Keep Killin It!!! Your the


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