Having integrity (in your training)

Integrity is a word that packs a punch. Most everyone likes to associate with the idea, but realistically it is a rare gem in society. What makes integrity such a gem is that it stands up no matter what. Integrity makes things right. You end up getting or giving what you’re told you would. People follow through. There is honor in that.

What makes integrity so rare is that it is hard. It’s extremely hard! By definition, maintaining integrity means following through regardless of what details present themselves. Doing what you said you would isn’t so remarkable when it’s easy to do so. The value of integrity is making things complete even when life makes it difficult.

Students determined to train with integrity.

A gift built into the type of training we do on the Bluff is that everything we do is definable and measurable. A squat is a squat, because it as characteristics or standards that make it so. For example, hips must pass below the knee and hips open to standing at the top. There you have it; something that looks like a squat but doesn’t meet such critirea may be something, but it isn’t a squat. So, a workout that presents 30 squats has context. It has specific meaning. Now we have a way to measure an effort, but it takes integrity.

Sure, you can cut those kettlebell swings a few inches short at the top. I mean how much more fit will it make you to go the whole way really? The answer in terms of your fitness is that it does make some difference, but nothing worth writing home about in the grand scheme of things. Then why have integrity with these details? “I mean , come on! It’s 20 minutes into this workout, and I’m tired!”

The answer is because functional training with movement standards, time, and specific tasks is measurable. With integrity we can forge fitness deeper than getting “a good sweat.” When you train at FFOTB, you are gathering information. Completing your workout with integrity is useful. You can use it to monitor growth, make decisions for scaling/strategy, etc. Without integrity, who knows what your score of 7 rounds plus 3 burpees really means. The kettlebell went, “Meh, about yay high most the time” or “Well, I went all the way down on most of the squats… in the beginning.” Next time you train that workout there is no comparable context.

There is a place for integrity in your training. Coming to get “a good sweat” has some value, not much but some. You owe it to yourself to grow your fitness beyond the immediate satisfaction of finishing early. You deserve to finish every rep– every time. Be proud of that number next to your name on the white board, because now it means something!

Logan Gelbrich

Saturday’s Workout:

2 rounds for time:
1 Minute Max Dips
-Rest 30 sec-
1 Minute Max Elbow Ups
-Rest 30 sec-
1 Minute Max Med Ball Russian Twists
-Rest 30 sec-
1 Minute Max Box Jumps
-Rest 30 sec-
1 Minute Max Arch Rocks
-Rest 30 sec-

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