Often times in my life I am hit with huge waves of gratitude. I make it an effort to have awareness to the things I am grateful for, but we can’t ever be too thankful. Living essentially in paradise with great health, chasing my dreams, and having people in my life that love and support me is a world away from where most people are, and for that I am grateful.

Team work on the Bluff

Memorial Day is another wave of gratitude for me, though. I think it is important to just sit and realize the magnitude of the idea that there are countless people of past and present that are willing to trek through the darkest, scariest corners of the Earth to maintain the freedoms we have.

Starting each day with gratitude is a powerful perspective. Recognize what you have and what is available to you, and be grateful. Then…

the next step is taking responsibility of it all and maximizing you. Start today!

Be grateful.

Become remarkable.

Logan Gelbrich


Amrap 15
5 Bar Facing Burpees
10 V Touches
15 Arches
20 PVC OH Lunges (1ct)

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