Do you need to get in shape to start training?

Time and time again I hear this as a “reason” for not training. Reluctantly, I will let you continue to call this excuse a “reason.” Fortunately for such believers, though, there is no such thing as being in shape enough to train at FFOTB! You are perfectly ready with where you are at, exactly wherever it is you may be.

Functional training is not only for “in shape” people, it is for everyone.  Our students come in all different shapes, sizes, fitness backgrounds, conditioning levels, ages, sexes, etc. Each class we have an eclectic group of folks that are all the same in but one regard—they want to get better!

Just another day in paradise..

Each and every workout we do on the Bluff is universally scalable. If this is your first workout this decade– Great! We can make the entire written workout doable and challenging still. If you’re a member of the Justice League, then you’re in luck! We can make the very same workout just as useful for you, too!

So, whether you are a person who logs 5 trips to the gym a week or you haven’t lifted a finger since PE class in 10th grade, you can jump right in, both safely and productively…. And you won’t even stand out. We are all on the same journey to elite fitness. I promise you that you will excel at something, and I promise that you will be weak in other areas as well. Weaknesses are guaranteed. Getting better takes a decision to do so.

When will you take the plunge? Or, are you going to wait around for the “right time?”

Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

In teams of 3, accumulate as many sledge hammer strikes and KB Clean and Jerks as possible in 20 minutes. Partner A sets the pace with a 400m run, Partner B clean and jerks, and Partner C strikes the tire with the sledgehammer. When partner A returns, rotate.

The team’s score is the total number of KB Clean and Jerks plus total number of sledgehammer strikes.

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