Kimmy Moss

Originally from Northern Virginia, Kimmy is a high-voltage human with a passion for optimal experience. She has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Communication from George Mason University, where she was a two-sport NCAA Division I athlete (soccer & track), and taught communication courses for four years. After college, Kimmy spent a decade coaching and teaching in Virginia prior to moving to California. She is an NLP Practitioner, XPT Level 3 Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and was the 2018 Virginia State High School Coach of the Year, where she led her soccer team to a state title in her second year as head coach. Kimmy created and currently runs the Breath & Exposure program at DEUCE Gym. Committed to a lifetime of better understanding human perception, Kimmy is enthusiastic about teaching others how breath, exposure and movement can help them live healthier, more peaceful lives.

To Witness

I recently listened to a podcast where poet David Whyte defined friendship, and this particular soundbite really stood out to me: “The ultimate touchstone of friendship is not improvement, neither of the self, nor the other. The ultimate touchstone of friendship is witness. The privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege

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What if the point was to enjoy it?

You’ve likely heard the term creature of habit before. But, what about creature of accomplishment?  While both terms might suggest a positive connotation, today I’d like for you to consider – specific to creature of accomplishment – how assigning achievement as the primary motivator for establishing “worthiness” of something, (anything), might be (and is) problematic? 

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NEW! DEUCE Racing, Episode 12: Logan Gelbrich

DEUCE Family, it is my absolute honor to share with you the latest episode of the DEUCE Racing podcast, featuring our exceptional founder & extraordinary all-around human being, Logan Gelbrich. This episode dives deep into a number of rich topics, including Logan’s core values and how they have shaped his life, how DEUCE has remained

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Fit to Receive?

A “proper” ice bath at DEUCE consists of eight buckets of ice, with approximately 2/3 of one of our galvanized steel 103-gallon tubs filled with water. At one point, reserving an extra large chunk of ice to place as a garnish at the end was also required. Hold the Standard (or Holy Control Freak, Kimmy?),

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Extra Credit?

Halfway through my senior year in high school, I baked a chocolate cake for my AP Calculus teacher to bump (okay, okay… bribe) an 84.4 semester grade to an 84.5, which was then rounded up to an 85, and secured a B and not a C on my report card. I admit this with incredibly

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