Colton Waltner

Colton was born and raised in Newbury Park, Ca, where his love for sports and movement started at a young age. It was apparent from a young age that baseball would be the vehicle that would lead him to playing collegiately for the University of San Diego and later professionally when he was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. After numerous injuries and surgeries, he had to medically retire from baseball but luckily he found a community and home at DEUCE Gym as a student. Not long after he received a challenge from Logan and encouragement from other coaches to join coach’s prep and begin his new journey in fitness. Now hungry as ever, Colton continues to grow as a young coach. Utilizing his experience as a high level athlete and his understanding of primal and functional movements, he strives to make training in the gym as transferable to an individual’s life as possible. Leading from a place of love and connection, Colton understands that training isn’t always about the fitness but it is always about the person.

Change Your Perspective: Synchronized Swimming

Confession time. I used to see synchronized swimming in the Olympics and on TV sometimes and I just didn’t get it. The camera would just show legs in the air and they would sometimes make cool shapes in the pool, much like a college marching band does at halftime. So I simply just wrote it

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Sweet Spot

If you’ve ever had a bowl of cereal, I hope that is all of us, you know that there is a sweet spot about 75 seconds after the milk is poured where the cereal reaches a perfect texture to eat. Wait too long and the cereal is mushy but dive in too quickly and you’re

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Have To vs. Get To

Before I found my way to DEUCE I used to travel around the country to different college sports teams and coach them for a 3-day team building/mental skills workshop. With a few years of professional baseball and a bachelors in Psychology in my back pocket, I tried to teach these teams what I had learned

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Paradigm Shift

Did you know that up until 1954, there was actually something that everyone in the world agreed on? I know that seems crazy but it’s true, everyone in the world including acclaimed scientists and physicians believed that it was humanly impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Everyone except a man by the

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Jack of All Trades: Good or Bad?

Benjamin Franklin. All around smart dude and founding father is known for many things like his theories on electricity (i.e. that whole kite and key thing) and notably his help in drafting the Declaration of Independence. But what you may not know is that he is famous for saying one of the most egregiously misquoted

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