Do you know the pyramids were built by hand? It may sound like old news, but think about that. You have a chisel and some rope, and some logs. Get

Diversion Hilarity

For about the past two months I have been riding my bike to work. The ride is about thirty minute each way, so at first it was a lot to

Checklists and Brain Farts

Checklists are gold. They are gold in many instances, including lifting weights. There are a million things to talk about when you move a barbell. Ideally we can condense down

Box Squat 1-2-3

The box squat is different than a traditional back squat. The goal here is to stretch the hamstrings and put the work into the hips. It should not feel the


Part of living in and around other people is reading signals. Signals that people are giving to precede their upcoming actions or let you know what they just did. Sharing