What Do You See?

Let me answer that for you. You see what your mind decides you will see. I’ve written about the narrative fallacy that holds humans in its grip. The short story

Perception Neutralized

There’s a certain neutralizing quality of performance, isn’t there? It cuts ruthlessly through the ‘bull crap,’ if you will. Depending on your disposition, the black and white messages that the

Is That Real?

One’s own mind is a dangerous place to spend a great deal of time. You see, our minds are powerful beyond measure., so much so that we’re able to understand

The Mind of a Newbie

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I’ve got to say, quite frankly, the idea of all this metal is hard to love. I mean, they used to call it “iron.” Do they still do that? It sounds

Calorie Freedom

Have you ever noticed a restaurant menu with calorie totals on it? Chain restaurants like Jamba Juice or Applebee’s are required by law (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act