DEUCE Online: What is Coach’s Prep 101?

Here at 110 Lincoln, we’re fortunate to have flesh and blood interactions with our people. Not only do we get to coach a diverse group of local men and women towards better fitness, we get to develop viable coaches here, as well. For years, Coach’s Prep has been our way to improve our craft as professionals and develop aspiring coaches to one day become leaders here.

Now, for the first time, Coach’s Prep is available to the world. Coach’s Prep 101 is a comprehensive online course that will take an aspiring coach or a longtime professional on a deep dive into the art of coaching.

The course builds week by week with video lecture, reading materials, practical assignments, and intermittent quizzes. You’ll learn a technical base to set a standard, communicate the standard, and build upon that standard. In addition to this technical base, we know that better coaches understand context. The best coaches, however, are leaders and within them hold both context and the technical base for training.

Leaders hold the standard. Coach’s Prep 101 builds leaders.

If you or someone you know wants to coach movement to others, Coach’s Prep 101 is the perfect resource. Not sure if it’s for you? Sign up for a FREE sample of the course material and see for yourself.

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Logan Gelbrich


7/5/17 WOD


10 Pull Ups

20 Push Ups

200′ Sandbag Carry (AHAP)