Today was huge. Here’s the story. If you have been around me any amount of time, you will know that I am a huge sucker for baked goods. I have no problem downing a danish a day, crushing a croissant for fun, and/or manhandling a muffin or two. In fact on this very day, my favorite muffin just happens to be at DEUS, down the street from the gym. They have a killer carrot and zucchini muffin that, if caught at the right time, is the perfect mix of heaven and dense muffin-dom that can just make your heart warm. Well, to put it lightly I love that damn thing. I have been know to have one a day, for well some days in a row. While not the healthiest of choices, I know its not the worst, and for me it is easy to validate.

Today was the day. I was at a crossroads. My beautiful wife shot me a text and asked me to grab muffins on my way home. OH NOOOOOOOO! It’s WLC time. This is not on my plan, if you will. Of course, I stopped at our favorite muffin house (muffin distributor, to be correct) and purchased two muffins, one for my wife and one for her mother who was at the house, as well. Papa Bear did not receive a muffin. I made it all the way home with the overwhelming smell of those delicious delights next to me untouched. I took them into the girls, and never even opened the bags that they were in. Huge victory! I still miss them and love the taste but definitely feel the sweetness of personal victory.

Since that day, the choice has gotten easier and easier. I have fully gone into some situations expecting to order something not so healthy, and when it came right down to it, I went the healthy route. Just a few weeks of feeling good, and finding out what you might be missing can change the way you live. Eating food just because it tastes good has lost some of its luster, and I feel way better because of it.

I have done the challenge 5+ times now, and I am still learning about myself and about my pitfalls. There is something that gets re-solidified every time I do the challenge, too. It is the feeling that comes from giving myself the correct fuel. The feeling that comes from this, and the success that come from this is where the juice is. There is still time in the challenge. Get back in there, give it a go, finish strong, and feel the gains.


Danny Lesslie


2/16/16 WOD

Spend 15 mins on pistols..


Then, complete the following for time:



Toes to Bar

200m Run