DEUCE Strength 101

202-photoDEUCE Strength is a program that explores and educates on different expressions and methods that produce strength. In both 101 / 202 athletes will be exposed to linear and conjugate methods. These methods are used at the highest levels of powerlifting and weightlifting. Throughout the course of the year, there will be opportunities to compete against your self and others at meet days.  We want to break the idea of only using certain lifts to express strength. Strength comes in speeds, power outputs, max efforts, different movements, and plyometrics.

Which Course Is For You?

Strength 101 is an introductory course for athletes who are not familiar with strength training. Strength 202 athletes know things like:
-1RM on major lifts
-how to sets up bands on accommodating resistance
-know the difference between high / low bar
-know how to read tempos on the bar
-how to safety miss lifts

Strength 101 – (8 Weeks) Monday / Wednesday 6am
-1 Payment: $350
-2 Payments: $190 ($380)

-1 Payment: $400
-2 Payments: $225 ($450)

This course is designed to introduce novices to the language and movements that are used in our 202 program. Athletes will be put through different workouts and learn through application. The 101 course does not build on itself but rather each session is aimed to teach a principle. This will help athletes understand the context and gain an idea of how workouts are put together to drive adaptation. At the end of the course athletes should be able to recognize and apply the following.

-basic strength principles
-absolute strength
-strength speed
-explosive strength
-major lifts
-accessory movements