Deuce Backlot – Los Angeles, CA

DEUCE Backlot has planted the pirate flag once again.  Moving into 2500 sq. feet previously occupied by Cave Crossfit, DEUCE Backlot is Holding The Standard for the West Hollywood community.  Building off of the elite coaching and tight-knit community structure made famous by DEUCE Garage, this location offers highly varied training under the tutelage of experienced coaches with lots of room for growth.  Two separate rooms allow for a unique approach to specialty courses and private training at all times while maintaining the regular GPP class schedule. Plans for the suture include space for 2-on-2 basketball, breath-work and Kundalini yoga workshops, specialty courses in distance running, energy system training, and gymnastics as well as expansion into area high schools for supplemental athlete development.  DEUCE Backlot is the Varsity team Hollywood has been looking for.


DEUCE Backlot – 7773 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036