Life is an Infinite Game

Former ball player here and I can tell you all about winning and losing. I’m all anti-participation trophy, “pays to be a winner”, and a not-everyone-gets-to-play kind of card carrying competitor. Baseball is a finite game. There’s one winner and one loser. If there’s a play at the plate, there’s no “pie expanding” negotiation to

Inventory: COVID-19 Edition

I can tell we’re all getting a bit irritable. The novelty has worn off and everyone is now tapping into their endurance during this quarantine time. On one hand, the length of this period makes it inevitable that we all must face the darkness of the challenge it presents. I firmly believe no one is

Aspen Trees

I first learned about Aspen trees while visiting Glacier National Park a few years ago. I’m no botanist, but I was and still am fascinated by this tree. What I find so interesting about the Aspen is the juxtaposition of its appearance with its root structure. In simplest terms, what appears as one Aspen is actually a

DEUCE Breath & Exposure Webinar Tuesday

Did you know? Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of DEUCE Breath & Exposure! Since the humble beginnings of the course with bags of ice and an ice tub into a multi-tiered offering with a world class facility, we’ve grown so much. Our Tuesday event series continues this week with an open

PRO SHOP: B&E Nasal Breathing Tee

This is a monumental week in the history of DEUCE Breath & Exposure. In many ways, the Breath & Exposure course has unquestionably been at the forefront of the performance conversation worldwide. In that way, it’s time to roll out the pre-sale of the limited edition Breath & Exposure shirt! One of the three breath