Thankful Connection from Berlin to Venice

**NOTE: We will be closed from 1PM Wednesday until Monday Dec. 2nd** There’s a specific apartment complex in Berlin that was a magamaise of misfits, outcasts, and social enemies. It’s in an area called Kotti and because it serves as a protruding neighborhood along the zigzagging line of the Berlin wall, it’s the home of

[VIDEO] Taking the ‘Hard Way’

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Brian “Tosh” Chontosh is one of the best men I know. It’s worth mentioning that I’d have written that sentence just like that without knowing any of his accolades, too. It’s no surprise that we’d been friends for nearly two years until I learned (from someone else, of course) that he is a legendary American warrior that

Assumptions EXPOSED!

If you’re reading this, some percentage of your behavior is run by assumptions you’re making. What’s an assumption? It’s an idea you’ve decided is true when in reality the verdict is still out. The interesting thing about assumptions is because we’ve decided on their truth, these assumptions guide our decision making with great power and

You Can’t Rush Special (Forces)

Politics aside, the United States military is the largest, most heavily funded fighting force in the world. That’s an objective fact. Another objective fact is that since the attacks on September 11th, the Pentagon has emphasized and demanded an increase in Special Operations fighters to fight the War on Terror. Since this new brand of

Consideration: Total Volume of Training

The driver of progress for people new to training with us is most notably comes from an increase in quality and intensity of training compared to what they did before coming to DEUCE. By and large, even folks who have a history of working out realize they haven’t been moving well and they haven’t been working nearly as hard