How We Decide Meaning

In a recent spontaneous demonstration I wrote the word “OMAHA” on the whiteboard. I asked the audience, “What comes to mind when you see this?” I’ll ask you the same question. When you see the word OMAHA, what (if anything) comes to mind? When I asked the room full of Hold the Standard Summit attendees

Breath & Exposure Seminar Sunday!

Join us this Sunday from 1:00-4:00pm for the DEUCE Breath and Exposure Seminar with Coach Kimmy Moss. In this course, we teach the methods and science behind performance breathing. Attendees will not only learn the principles of three different breathwork protocols, they will participate in both heat and ice exposure.  Participants who take this course

The Perfectionist Paradox

Any high level performers can tell you about the endless dance between idealistic goals and realistic outcomes. Here’s the paradox: Best performances require an attempt at perfection. Perfection is impossible. Knowing perfection isn’t possible, however, doesn’t mean we can use that fact as a justification for not trying. Therefore, our greatest performances ask of us

DEUCE Men’s Gathering

The DEUCE men and extended family are invited to a social gathering in the name of fun Saturday November 9th starting at 6pm. The casual gathering will take place at Coach Logan’s home (address to be shared with guests who RSVP before the event). Come hang with familiar friends and meet new people who make

Friday Night Lights are HERE!

**All weekend classes will be closed for the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar Saturday & Sunday** With yesterday’s announcement of the first of five CrossFit Open workouts, we’re set to host our annual Friday Night Lights event. While all GPP classes will be taking on the Open workout, which will be announced each Thursday for the next