Activating Your Influence

If you’ve done this for any considerable amount of time, you’ll know that it’s not possible without the people. Sometimes the people inspire you to come and other times they give you the kick in the butt you need to get in gear. How ever it has happened all these months and years, one thing

What are Rear Delts & Why Do They Matter

The rear delt is an often underdeveloped, under-appreciated part of the shoulder system. “Delt” is gym slang for deltoid. The deltoid muscle most simply is the rounded musculature around the shoulder. The posterior portion of the deltoid (the rear delt) is a particularly helpful antagonist to the pectoral muscles; a fan favorite.  The rear delt is

How Many Rabbits Can You Catch?

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to speak at the Free+style Insider in San Francisco. It was here that I got to catch up with a fellow coach and friend, Nate Helming, who has created the leading running resource on YouTube for runners with more than 300,000 subscribers, The Run Experience.  We spoke about the

INSIDE: Coach’s Prep Assignment

The following is an excerpt from a recent Coach’s Prep assignment that lends some perspective on complex movement and how sometimes there’s many ways to teach the same thing. Furthermore, that a hyper focus on micro details can bring to life a much bigger, complex picture. Anne Lemott’s infamous “One-Inch Frame” writing technique has almost universal

Self-Awareness Training

Self-awareness is a vital skill. Furthermore, how ironic is it that the skill that signifies our ability to see ourselves as we are to others is self-reported inaccurately by nearly everyone? We all think we’re self-aware. Virtually none of us are, at least to the level we often self-evaluate.  While many of us don’t realize