Pacifists Can Compete, Too

Competing can feel like playing war. You win or you lose, right? There’s blood in the water and the act of competing is cutting and divisive, right? This world-view leaves many people opting out to say, “Well, I don’t want to compete with anyone. I’m not interested in that.”  This isn’t an issue of pacifism,

“Owning” Ranges of Motion

Whether you realize it or not, let me tell you that you don’t want to be limber. Hear me out. What you want is more specific than that. You think you want to be flexible, but what you really want is to be mobile. You want to own your ranges of motion.  What’s the difference,

Let History Play Guinea Pig

You’ve heard by now of the natural fallacy, right? It’s the idea that something is inherently good because it’s natural. Well, it’s a fallacy because of its broken logic and it’s logic we often get tricked into believing. It’s the reason why “All Natural” is a valuable label claim on food packaging to this day.

Functional Training Isn’t About Mimicking Life

This is similar to the misunderstanding of “sport specific training,” which is what? Basketball but heavier? Functional training isn’t about training looking like life. The idea is that the training serves you in your real life. I’ve still never seen the roller bag clean and press into the overhead bin that so many of my CrossFit colleagues loved to

Breath & Exposure Seminar Saturday

Join us this Saturday from 9am until Noon for the DEUCE Breath and Exposure Seminar with Coach Kimmy Moss. In this course, we teach the methods and science behind performance breathing. Attendees will not only learn the principles of three different breathwork protocols, they will participate in both heat and ice exposure.  Participants who take this course