Three DEUCE Gyms to Support Wade’s Army

We’re locking arms with DEUCE Backlot and DEUCE Athletics to raise funds for the families affected by neuroblastoma, which is a horrible pediatric cancer. Our friends at Power Athlete HQ started this non-profit, Wade’s Army, after neuroblastoma took the life of a family friend’s child.  This deadly disease has stuck our community, as well. As a result, we will be raising funds

Exploring Bar Position

Today’s General Physical Preparedness (GPP) training includes some back squat clusters and what we will see are various different bar positions around the gym. Why? Well, there are two main reasons. The first is anatomy. Some people have preferences including and not limited to comfort and performance. The second reason is desired adaptation. The two

Points of Performance: the Reality

Despite what most any coach or trainer wants to believe or tell you, the points of performance we harp on and become sticklers about aren’t rules for movement. In fact, there are no rules. There are too many examples of successfully executed movements over long periods of time that break the “rules” for this to be true. 

BIRTHFIT Seminar Comes to DEUCE

We’re pleased to share that we are hosting the B!RTHF!T Coach Seminar at DEUCE October 12-13. This two day course is open to the public. The BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar is a movement seminar designed to educate and empower movement professionals in their work with pregnant and postpartum women.  Coaches, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and any other movement practitioners

Knowing Doesn’t Change Challenge

That’s a weird title, right? Stay with me. The challenges of life are exactly that. They are challenges. If it wasn’t hard… well, it wouldn’t be a challenge. What is important to respect here is that as we gain wisdom and effective tools to manage life’s biggest obstacles, we need to remember what was noted