Testosterone: Legally, 3 Ways

Testosterone is the number one sex hormone for men and women. While women have substantially less of it,  testosterone management is for the ladies, too. Before we talk about how to have healthier testosterone numbers, let’s understand a scary fact: The normal range for testosterone varies depending on the source from the low 200 ng/dL

Isometric Holds: The Long Lost Contraction

There are three types of muscle contraction. The concentric contraction is the highlight reel contraction that is marked by the shortening of a muscle group and is most known for moving weight. The eccentric contraction is a dark horse in that it’s anticlimactic role of lengthening the muscle (often by lowering the weight) is the

Multi-Tasking is a Myth

We take pride in it don’t we? How many spinning plates can you keep up in your life? While we’re all doing more with the same general attention span, it’s not for the better. Focus, after all, is a key ingredient for not only our best work, but also our most fulfilling work. Plus, multi-tasking

[VIDEO] Going Right & Skill Transfer

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The topic of last week’s meeting for the World’s Best Book Club (that requires no reading) was skill transfer. This is central to the notion that we can apply our past experiences in the future in extremely beneficial ways. Long, vulnerable pursuits towards mastery, then, have unique value that doesn’t hinge upon the outcome of

Two Exercises to Do Before You Leave

Let’s be honest. There is a window of about ten to fifteen minutes before and after class that could be filled with something small and powerful at the gym. Is it stretching? Is it a rehab exercise? I’ll give you two easy exercises and it could change your life forever.  Without adding any time to