Necessary, but Not Sufficient

It’s understandable that we create ways to certify people and use titles to indicate levels of expertise. In medicine, academia, martial arts, fitness, and beyond, certifying bodies create curriculums, rites of passage, and tests to help us organize who is who in a sea of others.  The classic trouble with this is that there are

Men’s Event to Raise Funds for STOKED

The Ohana Kane Project is a local non-profit organization that creates positive social gatherings for men. The group leverages these events to raise money for a philanthropic venture of choice. We’ve chosen to help raise funds for our friends at STOKED Mentoring, and we’re inviting the men of Los Angeles to help us.  STOKED bring mentoring

[VIDEO] How to Build a Large Body of Deep Work

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What if I told you that I could teach you the best way to learn anything? Well, the topic of last week’s meeting for the World’s Best Book Club (that requires no reading) was just that. The Going Right Mastermind Roundtable topic of discussion was the unquestionable advantage to building a large body of deep work. 

Final 2019 Summit Dates Approaching

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Did you know that DEUCE is a case study for leadership and organizational culture on an academic level? In fact, this material is taught all around the world and the 2019 Hold the Standard™ Summit schedule is coming to an end soon.  The video above gives insight to one entrepreneurs experience at a past event.

Blockchain of the Soul

Blockchain, albeit in the form of currency like Bitcoin or the encryption of files for an application like DropBox, is the world’s newest, most compelling technology. Its value comes, in part, from its ability to keep a perfect historical ledger. It’s this well written bookkeeping characteristic that makes it disruptive for the banking industry by