Forces of Strength

You can create lots of different forces and still move the same barbell. Of course, the force you’re using to move the load must be greater than the load itself or you won’t get it to move, but we often make assumptions that all made lifts are the same. This is untrue. In fact, lifts

Memorial Day “Murph” Monday

Spend your Memorial Day with us Monday starting at 10am for a tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The tradition is that we all participate in some variation of “Murph”, which is a CrossFit hero workout posthumously named after Lt. Michael Murphy who lost his life in a combat mission in Afghanistan.

Rain Delay Mentality

Baseball has a thing called a rain delay when the weather conditions don’t permit safe play. During these delays, they cover the field and players retreat to the clubhouse until the conditions improve. During a rain delay it’s important to your performance to mentally anticipate blue skies to emerge and the game resume at any

Cannondale X DEUCE Sunday

Your fitness is meant to be expressed. How about you join us for a bike ride, yeah? We’re pleased to invite you to a one of a kind event starting at Noon this Sunday. We’ll be hosting Cannondale for some movement in the gym and an opportunity for a community ride on some of the

“Build Your Will”

There were two specific ways I remember that, in legendary strength and conditioning coach Shannon Turley’s words, we would “build our will” while training in my college baseball program. These were techniques that built toughness of the mental kind. One simple and brutal way was that we’d be assigned something like twelve grueling shuttle runs.