1/2/19 - A Secret (Fake) Wall of Performance

Did you know that our sister gym down in Hermosa Beach, DEUCE Athletics, has a secret in its construction? The southern wall that spans more than 40 feet long is actually a fake wall. For great effort and expense, we built a fake wall on top of the perfectly good wall underneath it.

Why you ask?

Well, the wall features a custom mirror that spans the entire length of the room. The landlord didn’t want to take the mirror down given the cost to replace it if a future fitness tennant wanted to put one back in. After he dug his heels in on the negotiation and the verdict was in that the mirror would stay, we were left with one option. Cover it!

Are we that vain, that we needed to slap our giant logo on this wall in place of the mirror? Nope. What we needed was to set a tone that this community (like ours here in Venice) isn’t one based on aesthetics. Rather, we’d accomplish our training goals, aesthetic ones included, by improving objective performance. Our fitness wouldn’t require gawking in the mirror. Instead we’d be getting down to work.

If you ever visit us down in Hermosa Beach, you can see the secret mirror underneath our fake wall by looking at the corner of the light switches at the far right of the logo wall. Take a quick peek, because you’ll likely be asked to get back to work.


Logan Gelbrich


1/2/19 WOD

Find a 1RM Weighted Pull Up..

Then, make 3 Attempts at Max Pull Ups..

Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:
800m Run
15 Toes-to-Bar
30 DB Snatches (70/35)
-Rest 2 Minutes-