“Like No Place on Earth”

It’s a big world out there, people. Go travel. Selfishly, we love when our students experience new gyms in new cities. It’s common to choose a gym based on convenience and I surely wouldn’t expect a Venice resident to take up research of training facilities in Echo Park, but sometimes we can get lulled into

Help Us Fight Pediatric Cancer

Neuroblastoma isn’t just a horrible pediatric cancer that strikes early and hard, it hits us close to home. Each year we join our friends at Power Athlete HQ in support of Wade’s Army. Wade’s Army is a non-profit that sends 100% of proceeds directly to clinical trials. This organization is small, agile, and powerful, which

FREE Nutrition Plan eBook + Challenge

We’re pleased to provide educational resources for our students to maximize their time here. This new eBook is a FREE quick guide to the mechanics behind some simple, effective food plans. We encourage you to raise your game as an athlete by downloading and informing yourself on these strategies. To provide a jump start to

3 Perks to Training with Complexes

Today’s training includes a barbell complex. A complex is simply a combination of exercises that are prescribed to be performed in succession. Once the first rep is done the athlete is responsible for the entire series before resting. The power of complexes cannot be underscored enough. If the feeling you get while performing a complex

Experiment: Worst Case Scenario

I’m all for positive self-talk. I practice it nearly to extremes. After all, our mind is our greatest ally or our worst enemy, right? Positive self-talk keeps our mind playing for the Good Guys. That’s a good thing. That being said, I also believe in the power of thought experiments that explore worst-case-scenario events. It’s