Do Less

Do you know what happens when you’re dehydrated and you consume water? You begin to fill the deficit in your hydration, but only to a point. If you continue to drink water, you can pass the level required for hydration and you may begin to feel bloated or sluggish. Hell, if you keep drinking water

Labor Day Hero Workout

Join us this coming Monday for a special Labor Day training event at 10AM. All classes will be cancelled in observance of the holiday and we will perform one “Hero” workout. All are welcome. Come by to workout (or not) and share this day with us. We encourage a number of scaling options for this

A Weak Shoulder is a Vulnerable Shoulder

Many days it was par for the course to gulp down eight Advil. That’s not good. In between innings, I could feel a throbbing pain in my shoulder to the rhythm of my heartbeat. While my paycheck was dependant on my throwing arm and it was failing me. Now, I’m not a doctor, but I

FREE Community Workout Saturday

This Saturday isn’t just the first Saturday of the month with a FREE Community Workout to accompany it. Our sister gym, DEUCE Athletics, in Hermosa Beach is hosting a FREE Community workout at 11AM with a beach party to follow! Are are welcome to the DEUCE friendly activities. We expect to see the West Hollywood

Pull Over and Fill Up

You know that delay from the moment you plug your phone in until it turns back on? As a guy who lets his phone die often, I can confirm that the time it takes for a dead iPhone to get enough of a charge to turn on is precisely much longer than you’d like it