BBQ Fun in the Sun Tomorrow

Join the extended DEUCE family tomorrow in the yard for some social fitness. Diamond Mountain Ranch and Three Ten BBQ will be serving up the meats. Our job is to bring the vibe. If you are joining us, just bring a beverage and a side dish. Things are getting kicked off at noon and the

Pro Shop: Vintage DEUCE Hat

DEUCE is proud to announce the newest piece in the apparel collection. This burgundy cap is built by Ebbets Field Flannels out of classic vintage wool, just like the old days on the ball field, and the classic stitched diamond DEUCE logo. These are limited edition, so don’t rely on another supply of these. Get

Entrepreneurs Make Everything Up

Few experiences teach you that everything is made up more than becoming an entrepreneur. While I advocate it as strongly as I advocate anything, this isn’t a suggestion to be one. It’s a suggestion to take up an unmistakable lesson that entrepreneurship teaches you. Everything is made up. You know when you go to a

Quit Biting Your Nails (Without Trying)

Idle time is a bitch. We get fidgety. Our minds wander. We waste time and, worst of all, we drift from the moment. This is when people bite their nails. I’ll never forget the moment my parents noticed that my fingernails had become urgently needing a trim. It was the first time there was a

The Men and Women in the Arena

You know the quote. It’s the one about the man in the arena. No one knows what it’s like to be that person, except others who are in the arena. Teddy Roosevelt had an important message with his famous quote that still packs a punch today. The funny thing about being in the arena, so