DEUCE Gym is Hiring (and so is Everyone Else)

You heard that correctly. DEUCE Gym is hiring. The truth is, while we make everyone go through Coach’s Prep, we’ve always been hiring. Now with DEUCE Athletics and DEUCE Backlot, the need is stronger than ever. Coincidentally, do you know who else is hiring? Everyone.  The New England Patriots, Berkshire Hathaway, Ford, and, hell, even

Introducing DEUCE’s Deflection Test

**This Saturday’s 10AM GPP class will be replaced with the Deflection Test** At the end of 2017, the coaching staff took a hard look at our introductory ‘Baseline’ and felt unanimously that we could create something better. While there was nothing wrong with the old ‘Baseline’, it simply served as a specific, low skill snapshot

Hunting Truth

Rewind the tape. Were you looking for what’s true or were you looking to be right? While the former will always lead to more questions, it does maintain integrity and it puts you on a path towards betterment. The latter, however, isn’t much of an adventure. It’s small, defensive, and, in the best cases, leads

Task Specific Tension

I felt my fingers loosely whip in a perfect punctuated follow through with each arm swing. At the time, I was running south on Penmar Avenue. No, I wasn’t evading anyone. I got frustrated and went for a run as training for the day. As someone who isn’t a runner, I realize how unbelievable this

Pro Shop: New STR/KE Collab Gear

Look out, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve got a fresh shipment of DEUCE gear in and it’s a collaboration with STR/KE MOVEMENT just in time for this weekend’s ‘United by Motion‘ event. It’s not the first time we’ve collaborated with STR/KE, but there are new, never-before-seen pieces for the ladies. The new additions to the pro