The Egg

“Every crack is also an opening. When in the midst of great change, it is helpful to remember how a chick is born. From the view of the chick, it is a terrifying struggle. Confined and curled in a dark shell, half-formed, the chick eats all its food and stretches to the contours of its

“Talk to My Agent”

Not many people get to drop that epic line. While this service, usually reserved for famous actors or sports stars, may seem pretentious, there are some important qualities that the non-famous, anti-jocks of the world can benefit from. What I am talking about is advocacy. Think about what an agent does. The agent’s value beyond


I’ve picked up the phone nearly a thousand times with the following words: “Thanks for calling DEUCE Gym, this is Logan. How can I help you?” For what feels like nearly half of those times, the voice on the other end jumps to the chase: “How much is unlimited?” I know that the rest of

EXCERPT: Coach’s Prep 101

**The following is an excerpt from Week 12 – Building the Standard: Scaling For Relative Intensity of Coach’s Prep 101, our online coach’s development course**   We’re now getting into the action of on the floor coaching with this notion of “building the standard”. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the current microgym

Bigger Than Preference

When you go to buy a car, you have options. From the color to the drive train, you can make a selection largely based on preference. The same is true for a quick trip to your favorite smoothie shack. If you prefer the rich cacao, peanut buttery one, you can have it. If you’re more