FREE Community Workout Saturday

Imagine this: fitness, except it’s free. That’s right, people. We’re talking about DEUCE Gym training sitting in your lap FREE of charge! How is that even remotely possible, you ask? Every first Saturday of the month, we kick things off with a FREE Community workout at 9AM and this Saturday is your time to shine.

Neither Necessary Nor Sufficient

There’s a figure of speech that goes on to say that some things are “necessary but not sufficient.” That which meets this criteria are qualifications that are mandatory, but don’t give license in and of themselves. When it comes to coaching movement, for example, it’s my view that elite level performance is neither¬†necessary nor sufficient

PODCAST: DEUCE Culture on Power Athlete Radio

With our hands full taking care of current events, it’s rare that Danny and I get a chance to share the DEUCE Gym origin story. Our friends at Power Athlete HQ gave us the opportunity to do just that on their acclaimed strength and conditioning podcast.¬† Danny and I joined Luke, Tex, and John for

Breaking with Certitude

Certitude is the type of conviction that removes all doubt. It’s almost aggressively authoritative. It’s sure, confident, and earnest. What’s special about this type of conviction is that we can act in a nearly identical manner, once with conviction and once without, and what you’ll see are two actions of the most distant relationship. While

“Madam, it took my whole life.”

Have you heard the story about Pablo Picasso sketching in the park? The one where he’s approached by a woman who recognizes him and is mesmerized by the idea of Picasso doing her portrait. The legend, which you may already know, says that after Picasso agreed to do her portrait. He produced a small piece