The Solicitor Who Stole My Heart

My heart sank as the boy, about fourteen years of age, stood at my door step. English wasn’t his first language, but he spoke passionately and clearly. His solicitation was lacking neither in rehearsal nor genuine effort. My heart sank again. As it turns out, every sale of these superfluous magazine subscriptions would go to

Pro Shop: Custom Lever Belt

I have a jacket that I call a “lifer”. It was expensive, but it’s damn good. I also have a hat and a pair of boots that are lifers. Soon, I’ll have a weightlifting belt that is a lifer, and you can, too. A prized student of ours had his very own DEUCE Gym custom

Ten for Ten, Baby

I am not sure if you guys know who Reggie Bush is, but I have a Reggie Bush story for you. This story is third hand, so minor details may vary. Nonetheless, the point is the point. I listened to a story a man told about his journey as a strength coach. In this story


“Some things will come to an end as a logical progression to your greatness..” -Derek Woodske Hearing these words makes you stop. Well, it made me stop. They make you think. I am so thankful I wrote them down. End. What does that mean to you? The shadow of the word is a overflowing wealth

GPP: Universally Imperative

Ok, it’s call and response time, people. What determines the height of a pyramid? Everyone together, now: “The width of its base!” For imagery’s sake, human performance is often represented as a pyramid with general concepts like flexibility, strength, and agility at the bottom and increasingly more specific capacities towards the top. A pitcher’s ability