Seven Specialty Bars That Add Variance to Training

There isn’t a training goal or discipline that doesn’t benefit from variance. Said differently, a lack of variance in training stimulus is detrimental for performance across all disciplines from marathon running to throwing fastballs. When the movement selection in training is narrow, athletes experience more stagnation, more injury, and less overall expression of potential. Luckily,

Pro Shop: DEUCE Skull Pocket Tee

Brand new DEUCE Gym Skull Tees are in. These skate-brand style tees are meant to be worn outside the gym to represent your favorite place to train.  The tees feature an alternative DEUCE skull logo on the back. The front dons a black pocket with “Venice” emblazoned in script. These are limited run tees and

Safe in Suffering

It’s no secret life can get pretty rough. We all get dealt rough cards now and then. There is no avoiding such events, but we all can find our own safe place right in suffering. Spending some quality time with a barbell can help ground you. Spending some quality time hammering out some calories on

Skin Deep Isn’t Good Enough

As a skeptic and chronically curious obsessor over all things high performance, I question everything we do here. I figure, if I can break the logic behind some of our behavior, then we can improve it (or can it all together). If I can’t, then there’s even more power in our actions. Well, it’s no

[VIDEO] Specialty Courses Begin April 3rd

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If you’re looking for a specific training focus, specialty courses are an opportunity to dive deeper in a particular area of movement focus. From DEUCE Gymnastics and DEUCE Rowing to DEUCE Strength, Strongman 101, and Strongman 202, we have a slew of elective courses to provide the most enriched training experience possible. While many of these courses