Your Program is (Still) Smarter than You

As I write this in a small cafe in Madrid, Spain, I am reminded of the power of following a program. What is a program, after all? It’s nothing more than a plan of action. These plans tell us what to do in the gym. It answers all the questions we might have about what

The Slot

Bar path is such a huge concern when referring to maximal lifts. Think of a back squat. The path of shortest distance is definitely the bar staying over the middle portion of your foot as you pass through the full range of the squat. I am referring to the hip passing beneath the knee, maintaining

FREE Community Workout Saturday

This is not an April Fools joke, people. Fitness is FREE this Saturday! Every first Saturday of the month we play host to a FREE Community Workout, and you’re invited! Both members and non-members are invited to a FREE fitness class this Saturday at 9AM. All fitness levels are welcome. Come ready to have some

Carbohydrate Confusion

Time and time again, I’ll find myself seated in front of a plate of food. With some kind of animal on my plate surrounded by an assortment of vegetables, I’ll hear the observational, “Ah, not eating carbs, huh?” Rarely does this ruin my meal anymore, but it does make it clear that I am sitting

Specialty Course: DEUCE Breathwork

We are unwilling to stagnate here. As an institution with a charter to develop human potential, it’s our responsibility to evolve and provide the best practices for our students. That being said, we’re finally diving into our basic connection to breath. DEUCE athlete and coach, Jonathan Lorenzo, is rolling out a specialty course that has