What Are You Willing to Do for Fifty Years?

When it comes to training, getting rich, building relationships, or even a career, how long do you need to show up and toil with it? How long, you ask? Well, long enough, of course. In this day an age, the answer is quite often longer than we’re willing to. Here’s a hint. We’ve always lived in a world

When Eight Ounces is Heavy

My own evolution with this whole fitness conversation continues to provide something new and exciting to uncover over and over again. When I think back to just the nutritional aspect of it, I started with consciously experimenting with volume (weighing and measuring macronutrients) which evolved into a food quality conversation (eating single ingredient, Paleolithic foods).

DEUCE Presents: DEUCE Backlot

Aside from some cryptic social media mentions, we’ve kept this project largely hush hush. As you know by now, the DEUCE brand is bigger than DEUCE Garage here in Venice Beach. DEUCE Athletics, for example, is another facility under our flag in the South Bay, where we’re championing strength and conditioning for the field/court athlete

Performance: Judge and Jury

Thank goodness for the judge and jury here. We’re governed by performance. How lucky are we to have such an objective measurement for progress? You see, when the criteria for evaluating an effort is flimsy things can get off kilter. Processes and methods can stay in place that are dysfunctional. Incentive to evolve can melt away

DEUCE Presents: WLC Potluck

This afternoon starting at 5:30PM, we’ll be playing host to a Whole Life Challenge approved potluck. That’s right! This is your chance to get out of your tupperware, your same old recipes, and mix it up with friends for an epic meal.  If you plan on attending, bring a Whole Life Challenge approved dish. We