[VIDEO] Nutrition Challenge Nuggets

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As many members of the extended DEUCE community enter the second week of the Whole Life Challenge, I’d like to reenforce our efforts with a groundswell of support. Of course, continue to utilize the challenge feed for comments of encouragement and connect with classmates but, since this isn’t our first rodeo with the challenge, we

Fewer, Louder Words

No one wants a talking to; not the speaker, not the listener —  not because there’s nothing to say, but only about the impact words. Has a filler word done anything, but filling? Let us be master distillers. We want words with meaning, words that land. This brings more invested listeners and careful speakers. We’ll be

The Yard’s Acceptance

**The following is a guest post from athlete, Sal Masekela** There is an energy that resides in this yard of cracked cement and simple imperfection – that we call DEUCE – that is just plain different. It’s hard to quantify but you know it. You feel it. It’s undeniable. You’ve had that moment, perhaps to

No, Not Everyone is an “8”

Our scale is broken. No, not that thing you stand on that tells you your bodyweight. Those are actually quite accurate. They are, however, generally an awful marker for fitness progress, but that a whole other article all together. What I’m referring to is the general scale we use to evaluate ourselves. It’s off. We’re disillusioned. When it

PRO SHOP: Limited Edition Waterproof Jacket

The DEUCE Online Store is always full of awesome DEUCE Gym exclusives. Now, there’s even more! By pre-sale only, we’re proud to announce our latest addition to the DEUCE Apparel arsenal. This waterproof jacket features the new alternative skull design logo and our home city on the back. We will be taking pre-orders only until