Don’t Pursue Goals; Let Them Ensue

Having goals is a natural phenomenon. Some would argue that specifically setting aside time to make them and a plan to attack them is a critical key to success. I’ve got some goals myself. Accomplishing them is a finicky practice, though. Another practical joke on humanity, in fact, is that (like happiness) we can’t achieve

Accessing (the Second Part of) Performance

Performance is only part skill and talent acquisition. Your attributes, per se, are only part of the equation, regardless of the sport. A wakeboarder, baseball player, CrossFit athlete, or a trail runner’s performance is just partially decided by his or her, speed, strength, athleticism, or sport specific skill. The other components are intangibles that carry

The Super Bowl

I want you to think about the Super Bowl. Think about the journey of each of those players. Think about the first time as a kid, when they picked up a football. Think about them watching football on TV on Sundays eating popcorn. Think about when they started to play pee-wee football, then they played

Invictus and the Science of Happiness

There’s a distinct problem with being a victim. While such status doesn’t come with many perks, identifying as a victim can actually feel good. I’d argue it’s why we do it so often. Of course, we’d all like positive outcomes from the get go but as we (should) know by now, life doesn’t work that way.

“No you can’t borrow my car, we just met.”

I get it, we just met. I can’t assume to borrow your car, twenty bucks, or crash on your couch.  I’m the new coach on the block, I have my own way of coaching things, a handful of bad jokes, and a complete lack of volume.  This is gonna be a process; I spelt your