FREE Community Workout Saturday

This Saturday is the first in December. That’s right, folks, December is upon us. Before you freak out about Christmas shopping and travel plans, join us for a sweat session. It’s FREE. It’s Saturday. It has your name all over it. The FREE Community Workout is a beginner friendly exposure to the gym at 9AM

Price Wars: Opting In vs. Opting Out

My good friends and fellow standard holders, Menotti’s Coffee Stop, have been open everyday since the day they opened more than three years ago. Not a single day of closure including Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, death days, and even construction days seems like an arduous streak to maintain. Surely, it’s more difficult than not being open

Quantified-Self: The Era of Fit Watches

With great pride, I can safely report that we’re in the midst of an era unlike any other. A movement, most commonly referred to as Quantified Self, is changing the way men and women understand themselves and get feedback about their lives. We know the old adage, “If you can measure it, you can improve

Strongest Thanksgiving Family in History

**After the noon class we close until Monday 11/28 – Happy Thanksgiving** My mom always made it a point to make us stop for a photo growing up. In fact, she still does to this day. While it was often met with frustration from my brother and I, she would always retort that “you’ll be

NEEDED: A Trainer that Passes the Test

During my writing practice (which I proudly do at Menotti’s Coffee Stop) yesterday, a young woman sat next to me. She was studying for a test to earn an accreditation from a major governing body in fitness. Her moments reading this introductory text would, in some respect, mark the beginning of a hopeful career successfully