Happy <2> Halloween

Don’t be a fool! Be sure to wear your costume to the gym. Keeping up with DEUCE Gym tradition, we’ll be doing the usual movement practice on Halloween, but we invite you to wear you costumes to the gym. We’re hosting all regularly scheduled GPP classes, and specialty courses. After all, this never has been

Research Supports Skill Transfer of Grit

Research now shows that your unwillingness to quit, which some call “follow through” or others call “grit,” is a hyper transferable skill. Simply put, enrolling in an elective process like schooling, a sport, or skill-based hobby for two years or longer makes us resistant to quitting even if you then decide to stop the pursuit.

DEUCE Racing Goes to Strongman Nationals

With great pride, I’m happy to share that DEUCE Gym is sending, not one, not two, but three athletes to North American Strongman (NAS) nationals. The two day event takes place in Davenport, Iowa this Friday and Saturday. John Goldstein, Coach Emily Russak, and I will take on the strongest men and women in the

Key to the City: Managing the Mundane

You know what masters are excellent at? Amongst other things, masters of their craft have settle into embracing the mundane. Whether they love it, like it, or simply tolerate it, peak performers log hours and hours of seemingly unremarkable repetitions, mental drills, and touches with their craft. By definition, we know that accomplished individuals need to

Going to the Moon for Simple Solutions

Extraordinary efforts are important. Part of expanding our understanding and our ability takes, almost by definition, extremely specific, diligent focus. While this may be an unpopular opinion, I believe that not all major problems require uber complicated solutions, or in the following case millions of dollars and teams of geniuses. Arguably, the most listened to