Movement Integrity: An All or Nothing Game

Do you find it odd that when something is true we can assign meaning, analyze, evaluate, and a host of other tactical uses, but when something is even just slightly inaccurate it’s not even slightly useful for the same tasks? I do. How useful is a calculator that’s off by “just a little” when doing

Memorial Day “Murph” is Here!

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**Regular Classes are Cancelled in Observance of Memorial Day** We’re so excited to share this Memorial Day with you all, including members, new friends, and friends visiting from afar. In DEUCE Gym tradition, we will begin “Murph” today at noon with food, drinks, and celebration to follow. Lt. Michael Murphy was an exceptional young man

Can You Do It Anyway?

Metrics are good, aren’t they? They help us measure and assign value, which is helpful surrounding fleeting concepts like defining fitness and health. They are especially good at creating an environment for improvement. So, naturally, I’ve got a metric for you to consider. Count the number of days that you don’t feel quite right but

Start Small and Think Big

Though it was a beautiful morning, there was a humbling reality that I didn’t miss about mentally preparing to coach movement to students in the grass of a public park. Yesterday’s “field trip” was, in some ways, a beautiful full circle return to where DEUCE Gym started (in the park). On the other hand, it was

The Push/Pull Partner Challenge

Our GPP program is, by definition, incredibly general. Though we make great progress in GPP, we’d like to up the ante. “Raise your hand if you want to improve your general fitness and specifically get better with pull ups.” That’s right. We all do. ENTER: The Push/ Pull Partner Challenge For five weeks starting June 25th, we’re focusing