Crawling First; Not Just a Metaphor

How many times have you heard “you’ve got to crawl before you can walk, right?” Well the metaphor may have roots deeper than just orderly progress. Crawling is actually one of the most basic, critical motor patterns we need to express athleticism. As an aside, not only is this motor pattern key for athletic movement,

Combating the Dinner Party Effect

When teaching the CrossFit Strongman seminar on the road, I often talk about the “dinner party effect” (ALSO SEE: the middle school dance effect). I remind the group of strangers awkwardly learning how to interact with each other that we’ve all been to a dinner party where on the drive home you’ve wished everyone just

Strength to Protect Dangerous Flexibility

There’s a sign in our sister gym in Torrance, DEUCE Athletics, that says “A strong athlete is a safe athlete.” It one of my favorite saying for a couple reasons. For one it correctly identifies a positive relationship between strength and safety as opposed to the alleged danger we often assign to it. A respected

Everything Together; Sum

Did you know this is the 1338th blog post here? It’s been five days a week for five years now and the whole thing started as an effort to communicate a message. I’m not sure any one post or article has done that, but maybe they all in total are starting to share the idea.

DEUCE Racing Sends Two More to Nationals

With first place finishes at the 2016 Gladiator Gauntlet in the lightweight and middleweight categories respectively, Josh Goldstein and myself have earned spots to Strongman Corporation’s Open Nationals 2016 in Quad City, Iowa. We will now join our own Coach Emily Russak, who punched her ticket recently winning California’s Strongest Woman in Santa Cruz, CA