My Big Lie

To be completely transparent, I’ve had an agenda as a coach. Behind the scenes, I’ve been trying to be excellent at disarming CrossFit and strength training. I needed to be well versed in more than just that, of course. I do extensive work to develop my public speaking skills, my understanding of movement, and ability

Tiny Ripples, Calm Waters

If you’re a city slicker like most of us training at DEUCE Gym, life is, in a literal sense, far from quiet. Even early in the morning or just before bed, these times that are traditionally thought of as quiet times are filled with the sound of lawnmowers, traffic, airplanes, and our household gadgets. Metaphorically

FREE Community Workout Saturday

Each month we open up the gym to the community at no charge. This Saturday we are inviting both members and non-members to the gym for FREE fitness. The FREE Community Workout is this Saturday at 9AM. These workouts are often available for all fitness levels and are often fun partner or team workouts. Whether

Emily Victorious at CA Strongest Woman

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Specific training and a weight cut of seventeen pounds were what got Emily Russak into the premiere strength event in Santa Cruz. Perfect execution, game day heart, and even a grueling tie breaker were the things Emily needed to come out of the California’s Strongest Woman contest with the top spot on the podium and an invitation

[Explicit Language] You Can Sunset Quote Me

Welcome to the information age. Tah-dah! You’re reading little cute inspirational things like this interspersed with GaryVee videos and sunset/quote Instagrams. It’s incredible and perfectly horse shit simultaneously. The opportunity to have every idea ever thought available from your cell phone at a moments notice? Incredible. Ping ponging wanderlust inspiration without doing the actual inspirational part?