Train Heroic – WLC WEEK 5: Meditation

Our good friends at Train Heroic are generous enough to bring us ‘Week 5’ of the Whole Life Challenge. Train Heroic is an online platform for athletes to seek training programs and record their progress. In addition, it allows renown coaches in a multitude of disciplines to manage athletes around the world. TrainHeroic is the

Secret Weapon: Dinner Parties

Years ago a mentor of mine, Andy Petranek, wrote a blog about a key to getting things done. Whether we’re big procrastinators or little ones, we all do it on some level. I remember Andy’s point to this day. At the time he was writing the post, he had just moved into a new home.

FREE Event: Prehab2Perform

Each weekend during the Whole Life Challenge, we’re playing host to various events and resources for our people. We invite you to join us this Saturday from 1-3PM for a FREE event with Prehab2Perform! You’ll learn about movement, your limitations, and it’s $0!Come by. Bring a friend. Logan Gelbrich @functionalcoach

This or That

Who can work harder: the man who’s engaged in his passion or the man who’s forced to practice tasks he doesn’t favor? Who’s more useful to his bosses: the passionate employee or the reluctant one? Who would tire first: the master or the undecided novice? Who would you pay the most for services: the artisan

Awareness: Cooper’s Colors

A simple, oft used system of evaluating awareness, especially amongst law enforcement officers and military operators, is Cooper’s Colors. This basic concept puts situational awareness into one of three categories. White. This condition is generally relaxed and unaware. For special operators and police personnel, this is only acceptable while sleeping. Being attacked or presented with extreme adversity