ORIGINAL Nutritionals – WLC WEEK 6: Priorities

Our good friends at ORIGINAL Nutritionals are our ‘Week 6’ sponsor. Since 2011, ORIGINAL Nutritionals has been supplying athletes and other nutritionally conscious men and women the basic, pure, essential products that fuel their lifestyles. From high potency fish oil to real food nut butters and most recently goat whey protein. ORIGINAL Nutritionals is home

Is that DEUCE Gym?

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Yesterday’s CrossFit mainsite workout was a short triplet. It was twenty one, fifteen, and nine reps of deadlifts, kettlebell overhead walking lunges, and bar facing burpees for time. Back in August CrossFit Games standout, Noah Ohlsen, was living in Venice and training with us. It took Noah five minutes and thirty seconds to complete it,

Sea Change Recovery Presents: WLC Pot Luck

All are welcome for a social event this Saturday from 1-3PM. The potluck will be chalk full of incredible Whole Life Challenge compliant food. Our friends at Sea Change Recovery are making this event possible, and they are even bringing Just Served Here along with them.  If you’re going to join us, please bring a dish

Feeling Lucky? “See How It Goes”

One of these days, I’ll come up with something original, but until then I’ll let the ideas of the beautiful people around me both near and far ping-pong around my skull and share what comes out with you all. That being said, I was struck with a clear verbalization of something I’ve observed for some


Today was huge. Here’s the story. If you have been around me any amount of time, you will know that I am a huge sucker for baked goods. I have no problem downing a danish a day, crushing a croissant for fun, and/or manhandling a muffin or two. In fact on this very day, my