DM Ranch – WLC WEEK 7: Use It or Lose It

Our favorite bacon suppliers Diamond Mountain Ranch are the ‘Week 7’ sponsor. As a California farm with a passion for meat, they are our go to source of all cuts of beef, bison, chicken, and pork. They’ve been a hit during the challenge especially with their compliant bacon, free of sugar. Want to order? Every week

Ew! Don’t Get Neurologically Bulky

Have you ever wondered how someone with a two hundred pound deadlft could improve to a four hundred pound deadlift without doubling in size? Probably not, right? Chances are you haven’t thought about this because, well, only nerds like us coaches think about this kind of thing and there’s a prevailing worldview, misguided as it may

The Struggle Isn’t Real

News flash! It’s a hoax. The “grind” isn’t a thing and, no, the struggle is not real. I mean, I guess it could be if that’s all that comes out of your mouth, but consider this. If you walk around all day thinking that you’re “fighting the good fight,” making it to the gym when

Poetry in Motion

You hear the coach’s cues and descriptions of movements. You may notice deviations from certain standards of movements, especially in beginners. Have you ever noticed two different athletes conforming to basic points of performance that still look different? It happens all the time. In fact, it’d be harder to find two athletes that move exactly the

DEUCE Racing Presents: 2016 CrossFit Open

It’s that time of year again! The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games season begins with an international invitational style fitness competition of epic proportions, and we need YOU on our team. The event’s goal is to provide a gateway to the next stages in crowning the fittest man, woman, and team on Earth. With hundreds of