10/14/15 - Fall Strength Challenge – Chapter 6

Have you tried different things this challenge? Some things may not work as well for you as they work for someone else. Tinkering to find your own mix is important.

Your body is definitely your own and your situation is your own, as well. Over the past six or so weeks it has become very apparent to me that working out five or more times a week is too much for me. I cannot recover from this, and end up exhausted all the time. This does not leave enough energy for me to do the things I choose to do in my life. Dropping one day off per week has made my days so much better. I am able to get out of bed in the morning and not already be crushed by the tired bug. I feel mentally more engaged both at home and work. I actually feel more fit than when I was working out five times per week. Recovery is my key and a little bit of tinkering has put me right in the sweet spot.

I talked with one of our students today that mentioned his experiment. He worked out for five minutes every hour that he was at work today. Well, thats a hell of a plan. I had never even thought of that. He said he wasn’t sure how he would feel after a couple days of this. Well, in a couple days he will have some definite information about his situation. More important than the experiment or the result, I believe, is the tinkering.

In both of these cases we are tinkering with our current plan. Tinkering to fit our lives. I am not letting you off the hook in the accountability sense. I think it is very important for each of us to find out what we need. If you are not sure about where to look, or what to do, use your coaches as a sounding board for your tinkering. Tinkering has come up on this blog before, and I think its important to remember not to get stuck in one way of doing things. Tinkering can be with assistance work, frequency of training, different styles of training, time domains of training, times of day of training, etc. There are so many possibilities. If you feel stuck, let’s try a few things.

There are still a few weeks to tinker in the challenge. October 31st is the day of reckoning. Let’s show up and set some records!

See you there!



Danny Lesslie


10/14/15 WOD

With a partner, AMRAP 12

Partner A: 250m Row

Partner B: Max Power Snatches (95/65)