A Look at Why MOST Need to ‘Switch It up’

CrossFit isn’t the only way to build a broad capacity and get healthy. For most people, however, it’s probably the best way. The problem is people often would rather have a I-go-to-the-gym-and-always-win experience, than have an honest conversation about their capacity. Progress isn’t a fake conversation about how good you are at everything. It’s the full package.

Better than a Leader? Culture

It doesn’t matter the scenario. Whether it’s a gym, a sports team, a business, or a book club, there’s an inevitable need for management. Keeping order, maintaining procedure, and fostering a quality experience takes work. One way to do this is with a great leader or leaders. The role of these folks is to be

Good Restaurants are the Worst

Don’t get me wrong, crappy restaurants aren’t good either. There really isn’t anything worse, though, than one of these joints that doesn’t do anything wrong, the menu has a good mix of things, the waiters are nice, and the food isn’t bad. Kill me. Ordinary is just enough for me to want to cringe. It’s

“The Hard Thing” is STILL Hard

On the topic of deciding to do the hard thing and chase what you really want in life, it’s critical to remember a simple idea. “The hard thing” is, by nature, hard. Before you roll your eyes, realize that this isn’t a redundancy. In fact, awareness to the difficulty of trying to realize a dream career or

Punchline vs. Fixing It

My high school alma mater is just up the street from the gym. Saint Monica Catholic High School is a tiny school that often lacks the stereotypical high school experience. Some of that might be good (SEE: drugs) and some of that might be bad (SEE: the football team). Nonetheless, there’s often a culture that